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A Reminder that People can Surprise You

Coming home from work last night at 10pm, I’m standing at the bus stop by the Bay when a woman approaches me asking if I have a smoke she can bum. I tell her “sorry, no” and received a response that left me at a loss for words.

Normally when I’m accosted downtown for smokes or spare change, and respond with “sorry, no” the general response I get is impolite at best. More often then not it’s “Fuck you then.”

However, last night the reply I received, rather then a rude remark, was for the woman to look at me with awe and announce “You’re gorgeous!”

Completely taken back by her comment, I stood bug eyed for a moment before telling her that she was sweet for thinking so. She then reached up and brushed some hair from my face, whispered with a smirk on her lips “If only you were a lesbian” and turned and walked off.

When she was about 10 feet from me, she turned back and called “don’t ever let anyone tell you you aren’t beautiful!” before disappearing down the street.

People can surprise you.
Today was one of those days I needed to keep such thoughts in mind.
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