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Mixed Reviews for the day

On one hand, I've been dealing with individuals between the ages of 35 and 65 who have the mannerisms of children.

For example:
Annoying Business Man: What do you mean I have to pay the damage deposit? Why?
Me: Well sir, it's because 1/2 of the equipment you borrowed from us has been classified as missing, or has been brought back damaged.
ABM: You said the deposit was refundable!
Me: It was clearly stated that the damage deposit is completely refundable providing the equipment is returned on time and undamaged.
ABM: It is on time!
Me: But items are still missing or damaged
ABM: Next time I'll just go to Walmart and buy this stuff!
Me: You may want to explore that option next time if you don't care about your equipment getting damaged or going missing.
ABM: What? Why the hell would I want my stuff broken or to go missing?
Me: Sir, what makes you think we want our equipment to be broken or go missing?
ABM: ...

Or this gem of a guy:
Me: Let me get this hooked up for you and then you can be on your way.
Annoying Old Man: Here! Let me do this! I can do this! (hooking up a trailer)
Me: Careful. Doing it that way is going to pinch your finger, which will really hurt. It's safer for you to do it this way (attempts to demonstrate)
AOM: No, no! You don't know... I can do this. I'm fine.
Me: Sir, you really should be doing it the way I showed you. What you're doing is dangerous and...
AOM: No, no! Go woman! I know all about these things. I *ouch* (curses as finger gets pinched between joint hitches) You should have a warning on this! That is very dangerous! Why is there no sign! Someone could sue you!
Me: *sigh*

On the other hand, guess who gets Friday, August 29th off?
That's right! 4 day weekend baby!
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