fallen_lamia (fallen_lamia) wrote,

I love bacon. And I'm not wearing pants while I post this.

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That's awesome.

Here's a question: Can you think of any food that wouldn't be improved with either bacon or chocolate?
There are quite a few, trust me. One night while angelisater and apophasis were hanging out at my place, we stumbles across a web page devoted to the most disgusting foods I'd ever heard of, which no amount of chocolate or bacon could possibly make palatable. :P
But at least with bacon or chocolate, you now have something to eat other than the inedible shit-foods!

but were you eating bacon while posting this? :P
I was only thinking about eating bacon I'm afraid.
Life feels so empty without bacon.
you don't even need a frying pan to have bacon.
Do you mean those microwave bacon tray/racks?
No, i mean: open package, eat. ;)
Blessed is the person who invented ready-to-eat bacon. :)
Isn't it all ready to eat? I mean, it's cured already...